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Laws of Attraction to bring Wealth to Top Trending Korean Drama |You Who Came from the Stars

A Famous  online streaming service in China recently  bought the right to bring  South Korean’s new TV drama  You Who Came  From the Stars  to china  TV viewer   and is attracting a wealth of viewership ,  reaching a new high of how a popular  k- drama in short  breeze of time manage  top TV  raking  hitting  top viewership in China

Every week when a new episode comes out, it became  the top trending topics on Weibo, China’s leading social media, with  millions of user searching  for  details  on its storyline or the characters. For example, as both  the male actor  Do Min-Joon and female  actor , Cheon Song-yi is the top searched keyword on Weibo. 

The show is so popular that it may just as well save China’s declining poultry market amid the recent health crisis  affected  by  the  new deadly bird flu fears. “Fried chicken and beer” are the heroine’s favorite treat, especially on a snowing day. During the recent Valentine’s Day, many restaurants in China promoted “fried chicken and beer” as their main Valentine dish.

The drama  brought  on New Found Wealth  as  the advertisement   accompanying  each  serial broadcast each week  shot  up ,with advertiser  hoping  to  catch  up with the hot trends  for maximum  customer  clicking on their  advertisement ,the millions of viewers covering  from china to South  east Asian viewers  were mostly streaming   to watching online with  their portable gadgets . the online  streaming  each tooks hours as each serial  last average 45 minutes per show and  viewer  were watch average  2  episodes  while travelling   or relaxing at home . What brought  on such popularity  was further enhanced as viewer simple shared the video on line  using social media  and the   raking  just  keep shooting  up .
The  show is a romantic comedy about an alien who comes to Korea during the Joseon Dynasty 400 years ago. He shifts to modern times and falls in love with an actress. The  storyline were  written by Park Ji Eun, who  works include  the drama My Husband Got A Family, which  will be produced by Jang Tae Yoo.
The lead role, Do Min Joon, who has a fascinating appearance and has  wonderful abilities, comes to Joseon by UFO, and  has lived for four centuries by changing his identity, and falls in love with an actress named Chun Song E , . He meets a young girl during his early years in Joseon  whom he saves from death, but later on she gives her life saving him.
As time goes by, Min-joon is forced to take on a new identity every ten years, as his human appearance never ages.
Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) is an  out of this World handsome Beau , literally. After crash landing on Earth 400 years ago, Min Joon has diligently observed humans for centuries, ultimately coming to cynical conclusions. On top of being a super beau, Min Joon's got enhanced vision, hearing and agility — all the more reason to believe he's superior to everyone on Earth .
in the present he works as a college professor and finds out that due to a comet coming in three months, he will be able to return to his home planet. In the meantime he accidentally meets famous actress Cheon Song-yi, the biggest Hallyu star in Korea, when she moves in next door to his luxurious apartment and also turns out to be attending his classes at college. Song-yi is an obnoxious, entitled attention seeker, someone who became a top star in her teens and never learned how to live a normal life. Min-joon finds out that Song-yi looks like the young girl he fell in love with in the Joseon era. He tries to keep himself away from her, as he needs to leave the planet..

For the first time after 400 years in Earth, this beautiful man from outer space starts to  understand  real love.  

But the real beating heart of the show is the heroine Cheon Song-yi, played by Jun Ji-hyun. Song-yi has been a star since childhood and was once crowned South Korea’s “national sweetheart.” Her fame gradually vanished after one of her rival stars was murdered by the evil guy in the show. Jun gives the character life by playing her as a proud (about her beauty), creative  and  outgoing  girl , but vulnerable at  times 

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Effective Wiki Submission with GSA Search Engine Ranker Software

Effective Wiki Submission with GSA Search Engine Ranker Software 
It is quite true that  over 85% of all websites on the internet get less than 100 hits per month! That’s pathetic;   isn’t it? You can’t make money if you fall into that 85 % because there will just not be enough visitors  looking at your site!

Wiki Submission  fuction of GSA serach Engine Ranker 

Truth  , there are many  webmasters  who own  some good  social bookmarking , article submission software ,or backlink  submission  software to  create  Backlinks  by linking back to your Website from different platform and sources   from  web 2 , article , social book marking  , microblogging  etc

Many works well except most of them do  not do  authorative Wiki  Submission by linking via  Wiki Pages, well known Wiki discussing boards,  and Wiki  Profiles from Popular and Authoritative .ORG(Organizations) and  .EDU domain names (educational institutions) to boost your  site to gain “Google  Authority Juice ”.

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If you are a webmaster who is interested in using Wiki website as your backlink- mediawiki linking resource,  You  should  try GSA Search Engine Ranker   

The GSA SER software is a perfect tool for both inexperienced and experienced webmasters who want to increase their own websites' rankings and keep track of their optimization activities with data from the software all available to in simple stats reports.
GSA Search Engine Ranker 

Build Links via Multi Platform

Nowadays there are many SEO software to assist in the daily Search Engine Optimization effort , but many users have never been satisfied enough with a tool to keep on using it on a daily basis . but here  we proudly recommend the GSA to all people out there working with search engine optimization. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the SEO business, the tools in GSA are totally  effective  and  are worthy in its application .

Automatic link indexing with Captcha and Builtin Spinner Option

While other SEO Software may offer ‘’pinging ’’ your links in hopes that they get crawled and indexed by the Search Engine, GSA Search Engine Ranking software provide  full option for integrating with the most popular link indexing platforms like GSA Indexer,  Lindexed,   Linklicious,   & . It also comes with a Built in Spinner with The Best Spinner and Spinner chief ‘s support and when comes to Captcha solving features ,it offers its Math Captcha solver and is also able to solve 1500 other Captcha questions with it own solving engine . User whom already owns an account with other third party Captcha services will find that GSA Integrates with most of the popular captcha solving services including, decaptcher,  deathbycaptcha,  bypasscaptcha,  image typez, captcha sniper & captcha infinity ,and more …

GSA is Multi-threaded and is  fully adjustable so user can adjusting their speed in building ranks while their PC maybe working on Multi tasking operation , and such fine tuning are able to support full spintax in almost all fields of the application allowing users to keep their link profile unique satisfying most search engines avoiding being sandboxed .

With GSA’s built in public proxy scarper , it can automatically locate , test and verify good proxies for you while its building links, this way you will never have to stop and fiddle with proxies while running your campaigns

There has been various updating to the  software  and  now the  changelog  include  submission to Wiki platform

Proven Effective Wiki Submission ( shown result ) 
 How  GSA post articles on wiki sites?
According to Sven wiki article links are gone way sooner than links in the about section. He said there might be an option for changing that later ,and that  is now  available  except  user has to do some settling  requirement , as it does take  some  knowledge  to this new submission function, truly  the initial stage ,GSA is good to build  profile to such wiki sites,  but overtime  with  since its launch ,it is now  able to submit  to some  Mediawiki  platform  but  it  may require  some answer of  Q&A  and  simple captcha  unless the site itself is auto approval  and generally , if your setting is focus just to submit wiki  and article , the result  will be rather satisfying .

Once  You Purchased  your GSA  Search Engine Ranker Software ,. just head to the Forum section, there  you will  find all the tricks  and proper setting to do submission to  a wide  range of platform  from URL shortener, Wiki, Forum , guestbook , Social bookmarking , Article ,  Blog comment

The Wiki main function of the program is generating 1,000 of backlinks from authority EDU or GOVWiki in automatic way. The automatic processes allow you to save more time in completing your tasks. The aspect which makes  the Wiki Function  different from other programs is you available to scrape and or import  any database of Wiki websites.
 By using this feature,you can post to other websites which are not Wiki websites including Wikka WTiki , , Twiki, MacOSWiki, and others. The program offers the ability to register  your profile with Wiki Sites , and is able to submit and embed your link  for posting in Wiki website. This process is very important to eliminate the footprint. When you are posting your article to multiple  websites, the program provides user to register multiple wiki profiles  at your own registration choice to post with different unique  profile for your different money sites .

Many consumers are also praising the programs for multi-threaded account creator allowing you to run up to 250 threads once. By using this feature, you will be registered for the accounts. In one cycle, the program will create 50 accounts and is using multi-threaded up to 50 threads in submitting the article. According to the consumers, the number is the fastest Poster for multiple  platform beside Wiki , - Try GSA  Search Engine Ranker – The Backlink Poster with Wiki  Submitter Function

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 Wiki Backlinks are one of the most effective backlinks strategy out there.   As a matter of fact, all the big marketers know this.  And leverage To get  The more Relevant Backlinks  to your website, the better your conversion rate will be.

You need an Easy yet Powerful Software to automate your link-building process with highly targeted, authoritative posts on Wiki Sites from Organizational and Educational Wiki Sites to raise the profile of your own content. 
Here  we will explain how Wiki Backlinks can help your website gain trust of Search Engines and Boost your Traffic in an extraordinary way...
·                   Ability to further include your targeted keywords as anchor text. The use of this exact keyword together with the context that in which it is used makes it more likely for people to get link to it.  GSA  Search engine  is Keyword formatting  friendly . Wiki – Keyword  -anchor text

·                   Getting a High number of Inbound Links right from the different Source.

·                   It statistically allows you to use headings and titles and giving a boost to your on site optimization.

·                   Wikis are also seen as High Quality Sites by Search Engines. Therefore the links all you get from them will automatically have further a faster and more effective impact whole on your rankings.

·                   The name of your brand is promoted through creating your own wiki.

·                   It builds trust towards your brand by visitors. You show both your interest and your knowledge and experience in a particular topic.

GSA allows  You Create 100s of accounts on Wiki Sites, Verify Confirmation Emails, Post Articles to 100s of Wiki Sites , Submit RSS feeds and even Ping ,Verify and Indexed them, 100% automatically

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Singapore Mega Wealth Development Plan for up to 2030 .

Small Country  Big Plans .
Recently , Singapore's  Government has  announced  its plan to allow for an increase in the city-state’s population to 6.9 million by 2030 which takes a span of at least  15 years from now . 
  The country's planners are already laying the groundwork to accommodate the increase. Housing,
 industrial properties  land transport and future amenities needs are being developed based on the new population estimates. Based on its previous target of 5.5 million, a  Revised new plan  will need to be well consider  to  make sure it will be sufficient to accommodate the amount of   people. So  some major
 changes are expected  to happen in  the near  future  as  they have to put  effort to ensure that there are sufficient resources for Singapore's residents. 

Compliment : Wikimedia Common 

The major  investment  will be very much focused   to Singapore Island  itself  , and these  new developments  plan  if realized  will foresee  Singapore creating local businesses  to thrive maintaining 
  jobs throughout Singapore for at least the next 20 years  and  it  is quite clear why  they  need to
 increase their population

As part of the  bigger picture,  yesterday ,  the Prime Minister  has  further disclose in  his National
 Day Rally speech  on Sunday  that ,  There are new  plans to upgrade the Changi  Airport  with  a
 Fourth runway , and a Sidelined  big  piece of land has been reserved to built another sister airport 
  , of which  will also  will   housed  a New Military  Airbase  with  a smaller runway for fighter jets .
Paya Lebar Airbase will be moved there later on. This will free up an area bigger than Bishan and 
Toa Payoh - around 800 ha - for new homes, offices, and factories ;
Relocating the airbase also removes height restrictions around Paya Lebar and frees up the authorities to develop new and exciting plans for the eastern part of Singapore , says PM lee
PM Lee also touched on other bold plans that are in progress.
These include building a new port in Tuas which is bigger and more efficient than current facilities, to
 maintain the country's premier position as one of the world's leading ports. This is  a Super Mega 
Value project ,and it  involves many heavy machineries and the cost could  exceed  even  those for the 
New Changi  airport upgrading

All container ports in Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Brani and Pasir Panjang will be moved there when leases expire from 2027.This will also free up prime land in Tanjong Pagar, where a new southern waterfront
 city will be built. Occupying a space of about 1,000 ha, or 2.5 times the size of Marina Bay, it will stretch from Shenton Way to Pasir Panjang.

Compliment : Wikimedia Common

There will also be a fifth terminal at Changi Airport, to double its current capacity and the  Old Carpark  
next to the  present  Changi Tower  will be rebuilt into a Changi Recreation center ,with a futuristic 
Dome Design  look  building housing  full recreation  facilities , for both   visitors , tourist  and even for Singaporean
compliment : wikimedia common

PM Lee said the plans were examples of how Singapore needs to think and plan for the future.

"If we can carry off these plans, we will not have to worry about running out of space or possibilities in Singapore," he said.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wealth of Mobile Social Media Intelligence

 How  Social Media   and Mobile technologies  are changing the  way  people  interact  with brands.

Today  both  Consumers  and Marketers  are  increasingly   surfing  information  and  connecting
with each other  through  the technological platform  .They blog  and  are  quick to share their 
 views  especially  with easy access  from  their  Mobile  gadgets  and Smartphones   .
The mobile technology  has brought  forth a  revolutionary transformation in the way we 
communicate with each other.

Successful  enterprises   and marketers must therefore  find  new strategies to engage
  to consumers  ,the  requirement   to remain innovative and ahead of the latest trends has
 encouraged brands to implement mobile applications and online platforms more and more.

Download Free  Report 

New technologies that are frequently being used by  people  to communicate like sms  ,
tweeting  and micro blogging  while  on the move will be of utmost  significance for enhancing
your brand’s interaction with consumers, especially when you are looking to achieve a ‘cool’
technological effect  for the user. Consumers are savvier  nowadays  and they prefer to
use interactive  technologies  which  enhanced their profile  in front of their friends and associates     
Therefore businesses   will  need to understand  the  urgency  to use   mobile initiatives  
and social networking  to engage with consumers as  it  will lead to improved sales  and
 important  customer feedback.

How  do you harness the power of social media  and mobile interactivity  to its  fullest potential ?

Mobile Social Media Intelligence Outlook

Mobile  Social  Media Intelligence  report  will  give a brief insight  with simple stats  of the
rapid growing  market of   social networking  thru  such Mobile  gadgets  together    with  
Web  based social  networking sites   and  provide  an overview of the emerging  Mobile  
Social media Platform 

New Windows 8 Provide Wealth of New Browsing Experience

Mobility + Adaptability  from docking  base with keyboard ,convertible laptop to Touchscreen AIO system  .Microsoft has  look  into  these trendy  requirement  and has  redesigned their  interface of operating system so that  it become  easy to navigate with just your fingers.

With the new  windows 8, Microsoft want to move users to a new trend  home screen called the
Start Screen , which has been designed from scratch , to make use of its touch interface.

Pinning Tiles style is the new trend  and it does  brighten up the screen viewing concept , just like
 other touchscreen tablets where installed apps  can be   easily  access  from this screen. User
 may ‘’pin’’ their  favourite Web pages and other links onto the start screen.

While it is normal   to make use of mouse and keyboard to navigate the start screen, this seems
less intuitive than using your fingers, as sweeping across the screen easily brings up new menu
Touch  or swipe  ,this are common function  on mobile  phones and user will quite easily  get 
used to   navigating  around  the new windows 8 new  start screen using its  touchscreen  interface.

Get familiar  with  the Navigation


Swiping inwards from the left edge of the screen takes you back to the previous app like
a “return” Function .When using a mouse, point the cursor to the top-left it down or point
to the bottom left corner and then move it up for the same effect. Try swiping  inward
from the left of the screen ,then swipe back ,the last six apps still in open  running will
fall into a line bar
Swipe in the CHARMS Function

Swipe inwards from the right edge of the screen and set of five icons, called charms,
will appearIf you have a mouse, move the cursor to the top-right corner of the screen 
and then move it down. You can also aim for the bottom-right corner  then  call up
Charms from any program or any Window you are in.

Here are how the Charms work

Search  function

An  intelligent search system which  quickly find  and locate  specific document, photo
,file and  even apps . The  Search  function is context – specific and allow   to search
for what you are looking for within an app or folder.
For example, when you search within a Microsoft word document or within the Windows
 Store, the results will be different as Search understand you are looking in different locations.

Social Sharing

Use the share charm to share photos, Documents,video ,  web articles and maybe a app
game you discovered with your friends.There are all the function here  to get connected 
to friends  or business associate using this function  . Sending a Weblink via an a e-mail
messaging ,or  bookmarking or tagging  can be  easily  done as the charms integrate  well
with most social media  and networking sites  

Hitting the start Charm instantly brings you back to the start Screen, the homing  function
 is exactly the same  like many  other  mobile devices and  It also works the same way as
 the Windows button on a keyboard.
Windows 8 has been designed for true multitasking, so you can have dozens of
apps running at the same time, unlike most other touchscreen devices.

Connected Devices function

This function allows  user to  directly access your printer, Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, projector
, external monitor and other devices connected to your PC.Context-sensitive setting appear at the
top and different options are offered, depending on the app you are running.

Trick in  using the Apps function  
Windows 8 is a true multitasking operating system ,  so  it can  run  multiple tasks all the the same
 time ,not limited to just the screen  but totally even in its  hardware functionability
To close an app, you have to navigate  the  finger  to  the top of the screen and then drag down to the bottom, while doing so the app will shrink as it follows the  fingers as it moves down.    
When using the keyboard, you need to first open the running apps menu, then right click on the app
you want to exist and select close.

Transformabilty  to Convertabilty open Up the World of Touch

The following  tablet devices  will serve  additional function as they are all  transformable  from
tablet to notebooks  with simple convertible design , some  come  with part Laptop , Part tablet
design  packed with performance ,and accessing  to the world wide web  with just your fingers


Acer  Aspire S7 is part of Acer’s thin-and-light ultrabook Innovation which started with last year S3 .
it has a clean  adaptable look with  subtle beauty, its lid cover  is amazingly thin for housing a
touchscreen made of second generation Corning Gorilla glass, which is significantly thinner  
It comes  with  a  aluminium alloy keyboard for a cool minimalist look, The keys are backlit and the
devices has sensors which automatically adjust  the intensity of the illumination based on the
surrounding brightness, this lets you see the keys clearly, night or day.
The S7 has a very bright  full high definition 1,920x1,080 screen  which provide a  Higher resolution
screen displays sharper text and more vivid colours.  
The S7’ s screen can be titled until the laptop is completely a flat. To rotate the display 180 degrees
 for presentations, you just need to hit a shortcut key.

ASUS  VivoTab RT  Transformpad 

Weighing just over 500g  with  a thinness around  8.3 mm thin, this is one of the slimmest
10.11-inch tablets our, there it is even lighter and thinner than the new iPad
The VivoTab RT  transform   well and come with a docking  keyboard   

The sharp Super IPS+ display appears brighter and sharper  and view  just as  well even  under
direct bright sunlight , Its 8-megapixel rear-camera with LED Flash is considered a high-end
 feature as most of its rivals camera are only 5 megapixels,

It  looks  like a tablet  in a swing  that’s  rocks !  , the XPS 12 Seems like a regular ultrabook,
except  its  touchscreen is moveable and can be swivelled to face the person in front of you
,flip it   and present  the screen   to face  your audience .  Close the laptops lid and you can use it
 like a tablet.The Swivelling of the screen moves within  a sturdy aluminium frame  which  is hinged 
only at the mid points of the left and right sides of the frame.The screen come with full high definition
 resolution based on IPS panel technology for wider viewing angles and you have a wonderful
 screen for your eyes.

TOUCH SCREEN tablet screen   for Windows 

HP Envy 4 laptop Touchsmart comes with a touchscreen instead of statistic one.
The Touchscreen opened up a new touch experience and is equipped  with an above average
graphics card, Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM, this machine is a reliable workhorse for both
gaming and everyday computing.It come  with a  fresh  look clean  design   which  features
a brushed metallic finish on the lid and palm rest, rounded corners and neatly placed air vents
under the hinges

Lenovo  Yoga 13 

As  the device works   around  the Yoga  form  of exercise, it can  bend  and easily  twist
around  into positions  which awe  most users . The  transform-ability  of this  flexible screen
adjustment  lies in the laptop’s hinges, which are designed made   flexible enough to allow
its lid to be folded 360 degrees backwards to switch from a laptop to a tablet.
The Smart  Yoga  unit  can also be placed at an inverted V-Shape so that the screen
and the keyboard act as a stand  and user  can automatically disable the keyboard
whenever it is bent into various angles.

The 9.9mm-thick Ativ Smart PC  does not disappoint  as a Samsung product , Its speakers
 are neatly tucked on both sides of the screen, so neatly fitted   that you might even miss them
 altogether , and it come with the digester pen  just  fitted in places that many  may not even
 noticed  it

It has three  input function ,namely  Touch , Write or type  .The Ativ Smart PC lets you work
 and play  as any tablet device   but  comes with a Wacom digitiser pen  and Samsung S-Pen
 software so you can take notes and draw anything that you fancy.It is more packed feature  
samsung Note  but   with  a thin 11.6- inch touchscreen tablet designed for touch. An optional 
keyboard dock turns it into a mini-laptop when  user  like to play transformer .

Sony  Vaio Duo 11 

This slider PC Comes with full high-definition 1,920 x 1,080 resolution which means you can see
 more of the new Windows 8 stars Screen, the unique hinge keeps the display stable so it does
not buckle when you jab it with your fingers., the Vaio Duo 11 is based on the Sliding design, which
 allows   its screen  to  be pulled up from its flat tablet position to an angled laptop position.

Toshiba Satellite U920t Ultrabook 

The Laptop uses in-plane Switching (IPS) Screen technology  with a 12.5 inch screen  and is
reasonably light. At 1.45kg , this hybrid is light enough to be easily carried around, its screen is
also protected by Coming Gorilla glass, which offers better protections against scratches  or
 heavy bumps. The performance strife well  with  an Intel Core i5 processor ensures that this
 hybrid PC is able to run both modem touchscreen apps and good old Windows desktop programs

Friday, August 24, 2012

Internet Millionaire System Mind-set for Wealth Creation

The Internet  Millionaire System  Mind-set
How Correct Mind-set and attitude with a good perspective can generate millions for  everybody  through the internet

Many subjects relevant to life and living are not taught in school. One of them is ‘How to Get Rich’.

When you work for someone else, your salary is determined by your employer ; a portion of that 
salary will have to be used to pay annual taxes, for rent , for transportation and yet another for 
daily expenses. Eventually, you will he left with just enough for your food for the month.

“Entrepreneurs, on the other hand think for themselves. They learn to maximize their manpower 
or facilities while they supervise to gain income from the work done by others, and enjoy the
 profits that this brings in. They work to build wealth and not just to earn an income.” 

It is True  that many have ambitions to be their own boss, they  are eager   and much 
willing  to strive , they’ll work, save up, and  hope to eventually achieve the dream. 
But only a few will  truly set their determination  to achieve  their ambition ,many  
people short-change themselves along  the  way  with lack of confidence  and finally
  resign to mediocrity  blaming on fate  but  fail to understand   that   the biggest 
Challenge to Starting Your own business is actually Themselves .

Blogging By  Million ,Earn By Million ,
 the   ebook by  Laura  Maya  has   been crafted
  to bring   on Youth Inspiration to Entrepreneurship  .The ebook since it publication released
 in 2007 meant to provide readers  with a clear overview of Internet marketing through 
blogging and social networking and also the steps to help potential entrepreneurs to  
succeed in cyberspace. In addition, entrepreneurs  will learn how to use the World Wide Web
 to your advantage and get an insight into the exciting world of the Internet. Practice 
what you learn  from the  blogging and internet marketing  contents  and  entrepreneuers
  will learn how to be  able to sell your products online, as well as get into affiliate 
marketing through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and make tonnes of money in the process.
 Once you have perfected your business set-up, it will pretty much run itself with little 
maintenance, and you have all time and financial freedom you ever need.

Entrepreneur s  will gained  confidence because most  of them lack the know
 how  to  approach  the Internet online  platform  and this ebook  believes  in 
equipping all potential  with the entrepreneurial  mindset and winning strategies
 for  successful entrepreneurs, so you have the confidence to realise your 
dream  with  using  the latest Online Marketing  Strategies s  to boost  their business .

Always  work  out a business plan and focus to build  your  winning
 business Ideas that will work for You .With so many   media  and 
information easily available online ,get started  to try  out  your New
 idea  by  modelling concepts and  make it work  based on proper 
business planning 

Know  your core interest , skill  and   your business   niche  and design a
 winning strategy within  your financial capacity   and focus your  strengths
  and learn  how to establish  revenue stream and  know your competitors 
  in order to perform well  to succeed   in your business
It is  true  that  that  under  normal  business venture  ,many people  plan to
 quit their  full time job to start a business but  if you  plan  to be an online 
 entrepreneur, this  ebook  offer   strategies for you to kick-start your
 entrepreneurial ambitions while still keeping your day Job

 “Change Your Perspective and you will change your life. Do Not be
 a slave to the internet . Capitalize on it instead to make money online .
 Start blogging by Million and you will earn by millions, Yes it is possible ,
 Not immediate but  over the years and you will find millions as long as 
you stay focused with  this perspective” .LM

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Auto Facebook Marketer is like having your very own personal slave robot that relentlessly markets your site

 Here the Best News for all Marketers -  Auto Facebook Marketer

Auto Facebook Marketer  is by far one of the most powerful, affordable  and feature  packed Social Networking  Automation tool on the market  today . Facebook  has  taken Whole  world by storm and is presently  the leading Social Networking  site  where  every product  will  want to be part of the platform  where  there are over more than 700 Million  active users   , a  stunning  mega  platform where  millions of  people are engaging  every hours and reaching out  to  them will be every Marketer’s dream .

Be it a  Newbie or  any Experienced internet marketers ,  Everyone  are all now using Facebook to accelerate their business, on a daily basis, and many  are benefiting  from their  manual efforts  bringing   in  Good profit numbers
Social  networking  traffic is one of the best and most viral types of traffic, and  to succeed in Facebook  marketing  is the ulterior  motive of all marketers   
Any Marketers  who  are not leveraging  and  harnessing  on the  media  power of Facebook Marketing, are simply not appreciating  the power of  digital media  technology in total , even  though  it incurred  reasonably  lower  cost compared  to  traditional marketing   except  to do conventional  facebook marketing   , it  is time consuming and is  taking  tedious effort   .

Auto Facebook Marketer 

The Conventional  Method has been tedious   but yet  it  has  proven  the  effectiveness  and Importance of Facebook Marketing by all marketers  especially  for  the following   cause ;
- Searching for people who could be potentially interested in your niche and becoming “friends” with them.
- Posting Status Updates about your business to gain exposure and get more traffic.
- Sending messages or posting on your friends’ walls, about your business, to get viral traffic to your links.
- Joining as many Groups as you can that are related to your niche.
- Creating your own Facebook Pages related to your niche and marketing to it.
- Posting messages and joining discussions on these Groups and Pages to get more traffic and exposure.
and all the  above   require  and involve consistently  and  personal engagement  with  the platform to build your business .
Which  usually   is TIME CONSUMING and tedious. !

What if I told you that there is way that ALL THE ABOVE can be done FOR YOU on autopilot while you are busy with other more exciting things or even sleeping?

Well, NOW, there is!
Introducing: Auto Facebook Marketer
 An all-in-one Auto Facebook Marketing software solution for  all Marketer , that can quickly and easily benefit your business for increased profits.
Yes, the  Autopilot  Facebook  Marketing software   is a wonderful   tool that has the ability   to  market and promote your business, websites, products and offers HANDS FREE! All On Facebook  .!
With   Auto Facebook  Marketer , marketers do not  need to worry about the conventional  manual method . After your campaign is set up  , simply press a few buttons and sit back and watch as the software keeps on doing all your marketing tasks on Facebook all – on- autopilot.
You can set it and forget it and go sleep while the software generates you leads and cash day in and day out.
First let me tell you what Auto Facebook Marketer will do for you:
- Search for recent status posts of ALL Facebook users for specific keywords or phrases and captures their IDs to a file
- Uses that list of IDs to message them directly with a spinnable text
- Using that same list of IDs, Auto Facebook Marketer adds those users as friends automatically so you have a targeted list of friends you can market to
- Searches and automatically joins groups related to any specific keyword, phrase, country, city, etc
- Searches and automatically Likes pages related to any specific keyword, phrase, country, city, etc
- Searches and automatically Friends people related to any specific keyword, phrase, country, city, etc
- Automatically posts any message (can use spintax) to all groups you belong to
- Automatically posts any message (can use spintax) to your Facebook pages
- Automatically posts any message (can use spintax) to your friend’s walls
- Can use Proxies
- Can set time delays to appear more natural and not be flagged by Facebook
- Can also be used in Manual mode

 In just two clicks, users  can target all the people on Facebook interested in your topic area and preset  the  software to message or engage  to make friends ,each with other user  while you sit and wait. You can even set it up so that you post automatically to pages, groups and walls of friends.

 let the  Auto Facebook  marketer software  handles the marketing effort  and improve  your marketing agenda  to success by building contacts and targeted prospects in an automated way. Being a True  time saver ,It will  runs endlessly building good  qualified Goods   Leads to realize  Bigger Profits to your business , and  meantime relive  your time to expand  more other   revenue streams

Auto Facebook Marketer is like having your very own personal slave robot that relentlessly markets your site or products on Facebook, gaining YOU huge exposure while building YOU laser targeted leads lists and driving floods of viral traffic and earning YOU cold, hard CASH, all on AUTOPILOT.
If you are looking for a quicker, easier and more effective way to market your business on Facebook, you will not find a better product to help you accomplish that than Auto Facebook Marketer.
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